About Us

Okay—let’s get a little perspective here. The vast majority of America’s food is produced by a corporate food system that uses toxic chemicals and genetic modification techniques and harmful practices and inhumane methods to produce basic commodities. These commodities are then shoveled into a food processing system that loads them with more toxic chemicals, denatures them, turns them from wholesome to harmful, and then sells them through an advertising and public relations system that flat out lies about how wonderful they are. Mmm. Chicken McNuggets anyone?

Organic food, on the other hand, is produced without toxic chemicals, with an eye on quality and purity, with respect for the land, the environment, and the people who grow and handle the food. In other words, organic food throws the light of truth on the crap that passes for conventional food. It’s rebel food. It’s for people who understand where their health lies. It stands up to conventional food and says, “You are harmful, toxic, and damaging to the earth and its creatures.” It is a very radical alternative to corporate America’s flim-flam game that cares nothing about your health and everything about what’s in your wallet.