Online Cannabis Card in Maryland, DC, PA, New York

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Are you interested in getting a medical cannabis card but don’t really know how to do it? This article will be your guide for getting an online cannabis card in Maryland, DC, PA, and New York.

These four states have an operating medical marijuana program that has been helping thousands of patients getting better by treating themselves with medical marijuana.

It is important to note that each state has a different medical marijuana program and laws. Therefore, each state has different requirements and processes for accepting patients in their MMJ program. However, getting your cannabis card will become easier with the help of Veriheal.

Let’s start by answering the question everybody wants to know:

Do you qualify for your state’s marijuana program?

Qualifying patients must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old (New York patients must be at least 21)
  • Minor patients with the authorization of their legal guardian/parents
  • Be a resident of the state you are submitting your cannabis application (non-
  • Maryland residents can apply for the state’s program)
  • Proof your residency with your state’s Driver’s license or nondriver’s ID card
  • Have one or more of the medical conditions listed on your state’s program (D.C. allows patients with ANY medical condition if recommended by a doctor)
  • Have a physician’s recommendation for medical marijuana

What are the qualifying conditions listed on the program?

As previously said, D.C. doesn’t have a list of medical debilitating qualifying conditions. Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York have different lists of different medical conditions. The following conditions listed below are a part of NY’s, MD’s and PA’s list:

  • Cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Seizures

Obtain medical marijuana in Washington DC, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania.

How can you get a marijuana recommendation with a physician?

This part is a bit different in each state, but they are basically all the same: you must contact a doctor and take your medical records to a consultation, if he or she believes medical marijuana is a good treatment option for you (and if you have the state’s required medical condition), he or she will give you a medical cannabis recommendation.

District of Columbia

In DC, you’ll need to appoint a consultation with a physician registered in the marijuana program. Once you get your recommendation, you’ll have to complete the patient’s application and submit it. Within 3 to 4 weeks you’ll receive your cannabis card via mail. Here’s how you can obtain medical marijuana in Washington DC.


In Maryland, you’ll have to find a healthcare provider registered in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, and you’ll also need to have a bonafide relationship with the practitioner. Once the provider approves you as a medical marijuana patient, you must register in the MMCC and then your provider (who must be registered on the MMCC) will issue your marijuana certification online on the MMCC application. Here’s how you can get your Maryland medical marijuana card.

The card is optional and there’s a fee of $50 you must pay for it.

New York

In New York, you must meet with a licensed physician registered in the state’s medical marijuana program. Once the physician approves you, he or she will give you a Medical Marijuana Certification that must be submitted in the application.

Now you’ll just have to create an account, and then you can apply for NY’s program on the Patient Registration System. In case you’re having any questions about how to create an account, click here.

There’s a $50 application fee. After you are approved by the state as an MMJ patient, you will receive your card by mail.


Before you meet with a registered physician in Pennsylvania’s Department of Health, you’ll need to register in the Medical Marijuana Registry and get your patient ID number. Once you have your ID number, it’s time to go to the consultation. If you are approved by the doctor, he or she will provide you a marijuana certificate. The doctor must submit it to the Medical Marijuana Registry website.

After the doctor has submitted your certificate, you have to login on the website and fill out your cannabis card application. The form must be filled out in capital letters.

You must submit a fee of $50 along with your application.

How do you find a licensed doctor in all four states to recommend you medical marijuana?

To make it all easier for you, Veriheal created an entire ecosystem that will help you get your card. No matter if you’re from Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania or New York. We will connect you with registered doctors that will recommend you medical marijuana and assist you during this entire process.

To do that, you just have to register on our website, select your state and select the type of package you’ll want. There’s an individual package for one MMJ recommendation and a combo package for you and your friend. Both include the medical marijuana recommendation, consultation, and 27/4 verification. The fee is of $199 for the individual package and $379 for the combo package.

In case you are not approved by the doctor, you’ll be issued a refund in full. But the good news is that we have a %99 success rate, so you don’t need to worry about getting approved.

What are you waiting for? Go straight to Veriheal and get your medical marijuana card now.

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